Prof. Fang Du, phD student Yanjun Luo and master candidate student Rongle Wang participated in the launching ceremony of the first comprehensive demonstration zone of the 14th five-year plan National Key Research and development program in Wuyishan National Park. We also collected some natural populations of Fagaceae plants in the Wuyishan National Nature Reserve, including Quercus glauca, Castanopsis faberi, and Castanopsis tibetana. 2023/3/31.

Congratulations! The first article “The distinct fruit size and physical defense promote divergent secondary seed dispersal strategies of three oak species” of seed dispersal experiments on fine-scale has been published on the Forest Ecology and Management. You can click “Publication” to read it. 2023/3/20.

Congratulations on the article “Asymmetric character displacement in mixed oak stands (Du et al., 2022)” has been accepted as a cover article by the New Phytologist! You can click “Publication” to read it. 2022/10/09.

PhD student Yanjun Luo and Min Qi, master candidate student Yi Zhang, Wei Qin and Bo Lan collected leaf martiels of the white oak group at six provinces in China (Jiangsu, Fujian, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Guizhou and Yunnan)  from 2022/7/30 to 2022/8/20. A total of 14 populations and 136 individuals were collected, mainly including Quercus griffithii, Quercus fabri and Quercus yunnanensis. 2022/09/01.

Congratulations! The article “Population and landscape genetics provide insights into species conservation of two evergreen oaks in Qinghai–Tibet Plateau andadjacent regions (Liu et al., 2022)” has been published in Frontiers in Plant Science, you can click “Publication” to read it. 2022/05/19

Everyone in the lab summarized the work in 2021, and planed the next work for 2022. 2022/01/21

Prof. Fang  Du gives a talk in Beijing Municipal Forestry and Parks Bureau of “Origin, differentiation and artificial of Quercus in China”. 2021/11/30

Together with Dr. Xuefan Hu, phD student Min Qi and Prof. Fang Du  visited the oak trees in Beijing Botanical Garden, mainly Quercus aliena, Quercus dentata, Quercus variabilis, Quercus mongolica and Quercus robur, more information can be found:   2021/11/26

Together with Dr. Yinshan Jin and Dr. Xuefan Hu, phD student Min Qi and Prof. Fang Du  visited Beijing Xi Shan Forest Park, the regeneration and growth of undergrowth species (Quercus variabilis) in Robinia pseudoacacia forest, seedlings of Quercus variabilis grow well, more information can be found: 2021/11/22

Prof. Wang Xiaoping, director of the Beijing Municipal Forestry and Parks Bureau, visited our molecular ecology laboratory,discussed further research plan for oaks in Beijing. 2021/11/06

We went to Beijing Shang Fang Mountain to investigate the seed setting of oak trees, more information can be found: 2021/10/19

After 2019, we once again went to the Ancient Forest Park in Jiaokou County, Shanxi Province for investigation and sampling, big year of acorn! more information can be found: 2021/09/29

The article “Genetic, geographic, and climatic factors jointly shape leaf morphology of an alpine oak, Quercus aquifolioides Rehder & E.H. Wilson (Li et al., 2021)” has been published, you can click “Publication” to read it. 2021/07/24

We have updated the “Oak distribution in China” and “Sampling photo of Chinese oak” sections in “Species“. 2021/07/14

We have updated the “Leaf Morphology studies“, “Publications” and “Participants” sections in “Leaf Morphology“. 2021/07/06

We have updated the “Genome” among which the “Genome statistics” and “Genome resources” sections will be made public soon.  2021/07/05

We have uploaded all the sampling photos in “Species”, you can click the photos to see the specific sampling sites informations. 2021/05/02

Maybe you can find some useful links to “Other oaks resources web pages (ô‿ô) 2021/01/31

Our web stites is realsed now! we had upload all the leaf shape figures, the sampling photos is in Progress! 2021/01/22

The Red List of Oaks 2020 has been published, detailing the completed IUCN Red List threat assessments for oaks. 2020/11